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English: October 16 – 20 / Periods 5, 7, 4, and 6

Agenda for the week of October 16 – all assignments and dates are subject to change 

Monday, October 16, Blue / Tuesday, October 17, Green 

  • Independent Reading
  • Text Structure Scavenger Hunt
  • Grammar Practice: subordinating conjunctions
  • Exit Ticket: subordinating conjunctions

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Math 7 (Period 1): Week of Oct. 16

Monday: Students will assess knowledge and understanding of percent of change and increase/decrease. Students will then work on review sheet in class. Test Wednesday.
Homework: Finish review & study for test

Wednesday: Students will take test on Percent of Change and Percent Increase/Decrease.
Homework: Define vocabulary terms

Friday: Students will be introduced to Rate of Change by utilizing understanding of percent of change.

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Pre-Algebra: Week of Oct. 16

Monday/Tuesday: Students will assess knowledge and understanding of writing expressions/equations and solving one-step & two-step equations through section quiz.  Students will also learn how to solve equations with variables on both sides.
Homework: Variables on both sides worksheet

Wednesday/Thursday: Students will utilize understanding of equations to write & solve inequalities.
Homework: FACEing math worksheet.

Friday: Students will work on chapter 11 test review sheet.
Homework: Finish review sheet & study for test. Test Oct. 23 & 24th