7B Common Policies and Procedures

7B Common Policies and Procedures

7B Information
We use a variety of ways to communicate information to students and parents.  Please check the cluster blog weekly for updates about what your child is doing in class as well as homework, projects, tests, and important upcoming events: https://poms7b.wordpress.com

Please e-mail Mrs. Tamez, atamez3@houstonisd.org, to schedule a conference. Conference times are Monday and Wednesday. Each conference will be scheduled in 15 intervals. ** It is important for parents to show up on time as we schedule several appointments set for the same day. **

PS Connect
The online grading system is an extremely useful tool for both parents and students to be able to keep up with assignments and grades. We require all students to have a PS Connect account, and we encourage all parents to have one as well. If you do not have internet access, you may use the school or public library to set up an email account and check PS Connect.

Parent Student Connect
Teachers use many codes to help them keep track of student work in our grade book.  If you see the following codes on you’re child’s PS Connect grading report here are the meanings:

  • MSG (Missing) – Student was absent or did not turn in. Having a missing in the grade book counts as a zero until the work is turned in. If work is not turned in MSG will turn to a zero and cannot be made up.
  • EXC (Excused) – Student has been excused from the assignment. EXC will not reflect negatively on grade.
  • I – (Incomplete) Student has submitted assignment with more than 50% incomplete.
  • NO grade for assignment – assignment is not graded yet

 ***Parents please do not send us messages/notes through PS Connect***

Work completed independently is vital for students to adequately practice the skills they are learning in class. There will be time when students have more homework than usual; however students should expect the following homework from each class:

Math– Daily due the next day of class.
ELA – Assigned weekly
Science– Daily review and studying of new materials and vocabulary is strongly recommended. Additional homework is assigned approximately each class period, or outside research for class projects.
Texas History– Assigned weekly and class projects.

Absences and Make-up work
Students should turn in a written note to the main office upon returning from an absence. If students know that they will be absent from class in advance, they are encouraged to inform the teacher that way they can get class work so that they do not fall behind in class. If students are absent for an extended period of time, please contact the office or your child’s cluster so that arrangements can be made to send work home.

Late Work Policy
It is important assignments are turned in on time as one assignment is often the building block to the next. Good study and work habits include respect for deadlines. Therefore, timely completion of all assignments is expected. To help prepare students for future academic success, an assignment is late if it is submitted at any time after its due date and time.  A decrease of 10% of the available credit will be assessed for any late assignment. Please note, submitting work late will result in decrease of conduct grade.

Cluster Time (TEAM time)
Cluster time will be set aside during the day to help students be successful. Students will have this time to complete homework and/or study. TEAM time is Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Detentions are assigned for Level I offenses (classroom misbehavior or disruption, excessive tardiness to class, not being prepared for class, failure to participate in class, or misbehavior in the hallways, etc.). Students who receive a cluster detention will be given at least 24 hours’ notice.  The detention slip must be signed by a parent and the student is required to show up on time.  Students who do not attend detention will receive an office referral. Detention times will be held before school, or after school at the teachers’ discretion.  See cluster blog for times.

Plagiarism is taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own. This can include, but is not limited to, copying information from a textbook, internet source, or even another student’s work without giving the original author credit. Students who plagiarize will receive disciplinary and academic consequences.

Community Pride
We place an emphasis on the cleanliness of the 7B Cluster.  Students are responsible for maintaining the area outside their lockers in the hallway.  We encourage all students to look out for their belongings, as well as the property of the students near their lockers.  Failure to keep the hallways clean may result in a Cluster Detention.

**Cluster teachers reserve the right to modify common policies as needed. Please refer to cluster teacher’s syllabus for individual details.**