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Cattle Drive Problems: Journal Entry

Cattle Drive Problems

2nd Journal entry

Great Western Trail: Indians attack and in the confusion they get 50 of your cattle. -50 cattle

Chisholm Trail: You find 45 stray cattle with no brands. + 45 cattle

Goodnight-Loving Trail: Meeting with Indian tribe and agree to pay the tribe a safe travel fee of 30 cattle. -30 cattle Continue reading “Cattle Drive Problems: Journal Entry”

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Texas History: Texas Cattle Project

Next week we begin a 4-day in class project on the Texas Cattle Drives.  I have put together groups of 3 sometimes 4 students and they will research the 4 main cattle drives in Texas, when they began, why, I have attached the directions, a list of some websites and rubric below.  Students will fill out a daily log of what they did that day so that we both can keep track of what still needs to be done.  There are only 4 days allocated for this project so if groups see that they are falling behind then they need to schedule time with me after school. Continue reading “Texas History: Texas Cattle Project”

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Texas History Jan 30- Feb 3, 2016

This week in Texas History we will continue discussing the Civil War by talking about Texas Secession and battles in/out of Texas.


Monday/Tuesday: Introduce Unit 7 Civil War and Texas Secession

Wednesday/Thursday: Continue with Unit 7 Civil War and Texas Secession

Friday: Quiz