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Science Week of 4/10

Monday/Tuesday: Students will review anatomy of the leaf. Students will begin making flash cards or an outline review for the Plants Test next Monday/Tuesday 4/17-18. Test will include the topic of plants, as related to cells, biomes, cycles and succession. Students received a very detailed review guide with a list of topics and terms that will be tested, and are required to make their own flash cards or review outline, due on the day of the test.
Stations Lab Notes
Test review 2017

Wednesday/Thursday: Students will continue working on their review material. Possible open notebook quiz!



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Science Week of 2/27: Unit 5 (Ch 9) Test Week!

Monday/Tuesday: Review on Ch 9. Test next class on Classification, Kingdoms/Domains and Taxonomy, Charles Darwin and Natural Selection, Adaptations, Selective


Wednesday/Thursday: UNIT 5 TEST

Friday: Introduction to Unit 6

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Science Week of 1/30


  1. Celebrity Babies Lab
  2. HW: Dog Genetics Practice and Vocabulary Practice. Study for Vocab Quiz Next class!

Wednesday/Thursday: Crazy Traits Lab – we will be creating creatures that display traits that include co-dominance and incomplete dominance.

Friday:  Co-dominance and incomplete dominance practice. Vocabulary quiz.

HW: work on review sheet for the test

The next UNIT TEST will be given on February 8th/9th.