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Unit 7 Test will be on March 2, 2018. Study guide is below.

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Texas History 2/19-23/2018

This week in Texas History we will discuss Reconstruction.

Monday/Tuesday: Intro Reconstruction

Homework (Click in link for Homework)

Presidential Reconstruction

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Texas History Feb. 12-16, 2018

This week in Texas History we begin the recording our Events/Battles of the Civil War Project.

Monday/Tuesday: Record Events/Battles of the Civil War Project on iPad

Wednesday/Thursday: Finish editing project.

Friday. Watch video project in class and introduce reconstruction.


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Texas History Project begins next week

Beginning Monday students will get information about what they will be doing for the next four to five class periods.    Students will work in groups of 2 – 3 (preferably 3) to research a Civil War Battle and then they will create a video news report. They will be allowed to choose their groups so choose wisely.  They will draw a slip of paper with their battle in class.  This project will be done in class and should not need to be done at home if time is used efficiently. The forms are below if you’d like a heads up on what is coming.




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Open Note Quiz

Monday/Tuesday: Open Note Quiz

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Texas History

Wednesday/Thursday: Continue with Civil War History in class.

Friday: Introduce Texas Role in the Civil War.


Homework. “Two Side” worksheet.

The Two Sides Click here for homework assignment.

Blue Day: Due on Friday

Green Day: Due on Friday