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Texas History

This week in Texas History we will begin Unit 3: European Exploration. The Unit 2 Test will be Friday, October 13th.

Wednesday/Thursday: Review for Unit 2 Test in class & continue with The People vs. Columbus lesson

Friday: Unit 2 Test

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Math 7 (period 1): Week of Oct. 9

Monday: Students will continue to work through Better Buy activity based on real world situations. Students will then make connection of Better Buy activity to increase and decrease.

Wednesday: Students will work through percent increase and decrease and make connections to mark up and mark down in the real world.

Friday: Students will review mark up and mark down to prepare for test on Monday.

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Pre-Algebra: Week of Oct. 9

Monday/Tuesday: Students will work on review activity for probability test.
Homework: Finish review sheet and study for test. Test Wed/Thur

Wednesday/Thursday: Students will take the probability test.
Homework: Chapter 11 vocabulary 4 square (from the green textbook).

Friday: Students will solve one-step and two-step equations.
Homework: Writing and solving equations worksheet.